Find out 5 simple Secret Tips about SEO for Lawyers that you MUST know!

When people search on Google for your practice areas online, they are in the market to hire an attorney, “HOT and READY” to buy. This indicates the obvious buyer intent of the searcher. Giving search engine marketing (SEO and/or PPC) a much higher conversion rate than any other marketing channel for law firms.

Therefore, here lies secrets about SEO. When your company website copy is properly search engine optimized to convey: Secret Tip #1: WHO YOU ARE, Secret Tip #2: WHAT YOU DO, and Secret Tip #3: WHERE YOU DO IT, you will leave your competition in the dust. While most websites convey variations of of these tips within the copy of their website, it isn’t always reiterated like in Secret Tip #4: Keywords + Who You Are, What You Do and Where You Do it in both Headings and Topic sentence of the first paragraph of the webpage copy.

The reason this is so important is that it creates a great user experience by simultaneously identifying your law firm as the best search result for both the searcher and Google. Consider this, when you look at what Google or any search engine’s purpose is, it is to connect the searcher with the best search result for the “Terms” or “Keywords” they are searching. If your website does this effectively then you take the guesswork from search engines where they should rank you.

For example, if you needed a divorce attorney in Reno, you are likely going to Google something like: Divorce Lawyer in Reno ” or “Reno Divorce Attorney. Notice in those search terms how they indicate the exact type of lawyer you searched and where the lawyer would provide services.  Now, let’s assume that your business is among the first results that the searcher sees, who do you think they will choose? Chances are, they will choose you!

Let’s Look a little closer

Consequently, your potential customers are doing more research online than ever before. Thus, creating new, more educated buyers, requiring more participation from the businesses to give them the information for which they are searching. When you do provide a great online experience for them, you will find it to be very rewarding.

That is why it is clear Search Engine Optimization is the most effective way to increase the number of calls, website visits, and/or walk-in traffic to your business, ultimately resulting in new customer acquisition.

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