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Acute SEO has positioned itself as a market leader in the search engine marketing industry. Our team of experts has helped numerous businesses reach their marketing and financial goals.

Affiliate referral program
Learn How You Can Earn Extra Money With Acute SEO's Referral Program

We would like to find strategic partners that are willing to introduce business owners to Acute SEO who are looking to actively grow their business. When you refer business owners to Acute SEO who become clients, you deserve more than just a freebie or a discount. You can earn a sizable referral commission.


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Referral Program

If you’re aware of a company that might enhance its online visibility through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you can facilitate a connection by arranging a meeting between Acute SEO and the company’s decision-maker—a person with the authority to make service purchasing decisions. Once you’ve set up this meeting and the company in question opts to employ Acute SEO for their SEO needs, we will show our gratitude for your successful referral by providing you with a referral fee. This is our way of saying thank you for playing a pivotal role in helping us extend our services to new clients.

Referral Partner Compensation


Acute SEO’s referral compensation plan rewards referral partners with a commission that is one and a half times the monthly billing amount of the clients they refer. This means that for each client referred to Acute SEO that signs up for services, the partner is entitled to a ONE-TIME Payment that is 150% of the client’s first month’s bill. This scales up with the monthly billing, so higher-value referrals can lead to higher commissions for the referrer. This system incentivizes partners to refer businesses with higher potential monthly SEO billings, increasing their earnings potential significantly.


Referral Partner Commission Examples:


  1. Referred Client Monthly SEO Billing: $1,000/Mo
    • Your Referral Commission = $1,000 x 1.5 =
  2. Referred Client Monthly SEO Billing: $1,500/Mo
    • Your Referral Commission = $1,500 x 1.5 =
  3. Referred Client Monthly SEO Billing: $2,000/Mo
    • Your Referral Commission = $2,000 x 1.5 =
  4. Referred Client Monthly SEO Billing: $2,500/Mo
    • Your Referral Commission = $2,500 x 1.5 =
  5. Referred Client Monthly SEO Billing: $3,000/Mo
    • Your Referral Commission = $3,000 x 1.5 =
  6. Referred Client Monthly SEO Billing: $4,000/Mo
    • Your Referral Commission = $4,000 x 1.5 =
  7. Referred Client Monthly SEO Billing: $5,000/Mo
    • Your Referral Commission = $5,000 x 1.5 =



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Who Can SEO Benefit?

So far Acute SEO has a proven track record with these industries: Construction, Roofing, HVAC, Gutter Repair, Cabinet design, Sprinkler Repair, Mold Restoration, Law Firms, Storage Facilities, Jewelry Stores, Hot Tub Sales… A long-term client typically has a large enough average ticket size to earn them an significant ROI.

When our clients only need 3-7 customers a month to pay for our service, we can easily under-promise and over-deliver on a Return on their Marketing Investment.


Please note: To qualify for our referral program benefits, referrals must invest in Search Engine Optimization Services. Website Design and Development, PPC services, and ad-spend budgets are excluded from this referral program.

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37 Client Reviews
Very easy to talk to and was very honest about what I needed to do with my website. Thank you!
Jen C
Derrick is absolutely amazing to work with! He thoroughly explained the entire website building and ongoing SEO processes, which was extremely helpful because technology is definitely not my biggest strength. He was honest, and patiently listened to any and all concerns that I had. He did a great job coming up with a marketing strategy to fit my needs and budget. I highly recommend Derrick and Acute SEO for your digital marketing.
Danielle M.
I own D&L Tile in Reno, NV. and what Acute SEO has done for me has been invaluable. We were on page 7 of any google search and we now are on top of any related searches for our business. They are easy to work with and do an excellent job. I would recommend to any business looking to get ahead of their competitors.
Steve B.
I am the owner of a personal injury law firm in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Derek and his team have significantly helped us grow our business and on-line presence over the last few years. Derek has become a trusted advisor and someone I look forward to working with over the next several years. I would strongly recommend him to ANY business looking to increase their online presence and revenue.
Geoffrey D.
I have been working with Acute SEO now for over a year and it has been nothing but a success. I'm so glad to have found Derrick and his team. They work endlessly to make sure I am happy with the services I have acquired. This will be a long term relationship and I couldn't be more grateful for having them be part of our business. To many more.
Justin C.
I scheduled a Marketing Strategy with Derrick at Acute SEO and I’m impressed. Derrick was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. He gave me great suggestions and even a few tricks to help me grow my businesses online presence for free until I’m ready to move forward with SEO. When I’m ready I will be using AcuteSEO not only because of how professional the process was but because he proved to me he’s committed to growing his clients businesses. Thanks Derrick, looking forward to working with you more.
Mike K.
The best SEO company in the country.
Derrick is the Best! Innkeepers work long hours, so by the time I start to mess with my website, it's late. He is always there, He dives into my site to fix my mistakes and point out ways to make it better! He set up my review stream super fast and with such professionalism and kindness. Thank you, Derrick Sue Methot
Sue Ann M.
We are so excited to find Derrick at Acute SEO! Derrick is extremely knowledgeable with SEO and websites. We have learned so much already, and Derrick and his team are so easy to work with. We highly recommend Acute SEO for all of your SEO needs in Reno and Las Vegas!
Alexandra S.
Derrick was very knowledgeable and generous with his time helping us to decide what direction to go with our SEO needs. Highly recommended!
David P.
Acute SEO (Derrick) was very extremely helpful to give us information about to go about our business setup and to how to put our business up there. He was very honest and letting us know what would work for us. For us not knowing to much he explained in detailed.
Sergio R.
Acute Seo succeeded in exceeding my goals within the very first month. Derrick is extremely responsive and knowledgeable, he took the time to get to know my business and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Derrick and his talented team.
Nancy L.
Acute SEO was very helpful in giving me information on how to go about setting up an adwords campaign for my business, even though I was not a client.
Rob C
Acute SEO is extremely knowledgeable, responsive and takes the time to get to know your business and your unique needs. I plan on working with them for long time...for current and future goals. Very impressed!
Yvette K.
Acute SEO is a wonderful company. Extremely helpful with getting my business to the next level. thank you!!
Benjamin M.
I used Derrick and his team at Acute SEO for both of my companies and am beyond thrilled with the results in just a few months. His rates are reasonable, he and his team are the consummate professionals and (the best yet?) he UNDER promises. That's right - he under promised and OVER achieved. So grateful - I hope we work with him for a long time.
Erin L.
Derrick has been an immense help in discovering the difference between the type of SEO strategy and tactics that actually make a difference. SEO can be very confusing, and I could tell an immediate difference from other companies with how Derrick operates. The entire conversation was focused on what we could do specifically for our business, and not on choosing a "blanket SEO package" that will do XYZ first. He was happy to offer advice on SEO that has taken years for him to master at no charge. I would highly recommend!
Alex R.
Diane, thanks again for contacting me with Derrick. He is a wealth of information! I can say with my former experience of being owner/developer of a very successful web-based business once upon a time, he knows his stuff. If I hadn't had that prior experience, it would be nearly impossible to know what he's talking about. His level of abilities and communication are so high, it would be Greek to almost everyone. In this case one would just have to trust and wait to measure results. As you know SEO is not one of those tasks that happen immediately. It takes planning, focus, persistence, up-to-date skill application, organic growth, testing and most of all time.I'm excited to see how his advice will work for me which ultimately will result in revenue for Chase.
Ryan S.
For years we have struggled with our website and the people that are suppose to be managing it. Derrick created a great new website for us, and has successfully been managing our SEO for the last 6 months. Well worth the money!
Ned R.
Acute SEO was super helpful in getting me setup and running. They have stellar customer service and brilliant ideas that have helped my business to flourish in a matter of days once everything went live. I can’t thank them enough for the excellent help and support I receive.
Tamra B.
Derrick took our website from a level 1 on ranking and domain authority and quickly bumped those numbers up, causing us to rank on the first page of google for many of our desired search phrases. He’s always quick to respond to my emails and gives me monthly updates on performance.
Alex F.
I engaged Acute SEO to increase my business presence on the internet. They immediately exceeded all of my expectations and continue to to so in what has become one of the most important business relationships of my law practice. I can't recommend Acute SEO highly enough.
Leslie S.
In one phone call consultation I got more value thrown at me than I’ve ever gotten before. I strongly urge you to at the very least schedule a phone consultation with Acute. Your website deserves it!
Andrew D.
Lauren D.
Derrick and the Acute SEO team are professional, hardworking, and good at what they do! Two days after signing our contract our company (who was not ranking at all on Google) began ranking number 1 in multiple caterogies and locations. Derrick is accessible and spends time to learn your business and answer questions. He is intelligent, honest, and kind. Having talked to multiple SEO companies, Derrick was the most responsive and authentic. Highly recommend Acute SEO for your SEO and online presence needs. Best digital marketing company around!
Elizabeth H.
AcuteSEO works hard and thinks outside of the SEO box to generate results that few others can do. In today's world where everyone is throwing money down a hole, AcuteSEO works smarter so your dollars matter.
We Are P.
Working with Acute SEO has been one of the greatest things I have done in my entrepreneurial life! Derrick has helped my so much in my web design, and SEO rankings, I can not wait to start a facebook and instagram campaign in the upcoming months to see what kind of positive result we get in the upcoming year! 10/10 would highly recommend.
Hunter T.
james de L.
Awesome. Honest. Affordable. Well worth the money
Jennifer B.
Great knowable SEO guys.
Curtis L.
Derek is most knowledgeable and professional when it comes to any technical work regarding my webpage. I would definitely reccomend his services!
Chrysanthemum F.
They do an outstanding job!
Ricardo L.
Acute SEO has been a tremendous help in growing my business. Our online presence was next to nothing prior to working with Acute. Now I am happy to say we are getting more calls, more visits to our web page, and more business.
Justin L.
Michael Q.
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