2020 Lawyer SEO Tips

 Law Firm SEO Tips for 2020

The premise of search engine optimization is straightforward: Increase your law firm’s visibility online by leveraging proven techniques to appear higher in search engine results. These techniques could range from creating that will position you as an expert to technical tasks like ensuring your website’s code and structure is properly optimized.

Tackling the world of organic traffic and search engine optimization could be overwhelming. However, here are a few 2020 law firm SEO tips that law firms could use to increase their visibility online and boost their search results.

1. Identify and Target Specific Keywords

SEO Keyword Research ProcessWith tools like Google Analytics, you can review your website’s organic traffic sources as well as keywords that drive most traffic to your law firm’s website. From this list, you should also cross-reference keywords that have high search impressions. This way, you’ll have a list of great keywords to target.

Usually, we target primary and secondary keyword phrases. Primary keywords are phrases that the page content focuses on precisely, like “DUI lawyer Reno” The primary keyword phrases are what drives the bulk of your website content. Secondary keywords like DUI penalties in Oregon,” relate to the primary keywords. They could be more niche but provide traffic as well. Targeting the high-competition primary phrases could pay off in the long run, but in the short term, might not help your ranking. It is for this reason that you must create a strategy for targeting both keywords.

Some ways to effectively include legal keyword phrases into your law firm’s website include:

• Create content that flawlessly incorporates primary phrases and secondary keywords. Include the primary keyword at least once on every page, not forgetting to incorporate variations.

• Include internal links which specifically point your phrases into the articles on your related pages.

• Use your keywords as in hashtags in your law firm’s social media platforms

2. Attract High-Quality Links

Getting links to your website on different high-quality sites could greatly improve your SEO. A good way to attract high-quality links is guest blogging on authority websites. You could team up with other law experts or volunteer for advice platforms where your lawyers can participate in “ask a question” posts.

Infographics are another great alternative for attracting links and could aid in breaking down complicated information for easy understanding by the audience. If you create an infographic, you could request other companies to embed it on their website with a link back to your law firm’s blog. The simple idea behind this concept is that people find visual information useful and often share it with family and friends or on their social networks.

3. Strive For On-Page Optimization

Look through your page content to ensure it is updated and includes these:

• URL Optimized for SEO: Include short keyword phrases on your page URLs.

• High-authority outbound links: Your on-page content should include links to other articles on authoritative websites, without linking to competitors.

• Keywords in the page title: Include the primary keyword phrase in the page title as well as a unique tagline or selling proposition.

• H1 and H2 Tags: Ensure your content is organized in headers while making sure that the H2 tags support a H1 tag.

• Sharing buttons: Include buttons that let visitors share your content on various social media platforms.

• Alt text for images: To comply with Americans with Disabilities Act, ensure the alternative text is descriptive and thorough.

Another thing you could do to ensure proper on-page optimization is ensuring your pages load fast. A speed of 90 or more on Google PageSpeed Insight is great.

There’s much more to these 2020 law firm SEO tips, of course, so be sure to get the basics right first before getting into anything advanced.

What you should know about Law Firm Marketing & SEO In 2020

2020 Lawyer Marketing StrategiesModern-day SEO is all about understanding the market, implementing wise strategies, and moving forward with a checklist. This is the only way to generate profitable returns while building a brand.

Here’s a look at the most important law firm marketing & SEO tips.

It starts with a strong social media presence. This means the law firm needs to engage on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Without tapping into these platforms, it’s incredibly difficult to look like a legitimate firm in the eyes of Google and Bing.

Along with building a well-rounded set of social media accounts, it’s also important to stay active. If the account is dormant, it’s not going to grow and will become fairly useless.

Take the time to initiate conversations, post updates, and find ways to generate leads. It’s a great way to build something that’s going to aid the firm’s SEO campaign. Also, take the time to interconnect all digital assets including the firm’s website and social media accounts. The best way to do this is to set up links to each account on the site’s home page.

It’s one thing to create a blog and another to optimize it.

Most firms assume it’s all about finding a few keywords, writing posts, and publishing them. While these do help, it’s important to interlink blog content to keep the bounce rate low. The bounce rate refers to the number of visitors leaving the website and how quickly they leave too. It’s important to keep them engaged by interlinking as they hop from one post to the other.

SEO is all about coming across as an authority and there’s nothing better than building relevant backlinks. For a law firm, this means networking with other legal businesses and finding ways to generate backlinks (i.e. links back to the firm’s website).

Networking is a long-term play but it’s often the accelerant needed to race up the rankings on Google and Bing. Take advantage of this and notice the upswing in results.

A major concern law firms have while building a website/blog has to do with selling.

They tend to sell more than inform their audience. Remember, the average client will want to learn before signing up. If they’re being inundated with ads, pushy copy-writing, and uninspiring content, they will look elsewhere. No one wants to be fooled and certainly not in such an obvious manner! This is why it’s best to understand the art of informational content.

Learn to build content that attracts people for its value. By doing this, it becomes easier to rank better and increase the firm’s conversion rate.

These law firm marketing & SEO tips are essential when it comes to seeing consistent returns.

Without a detailed approach towards SEO, it’s impossible to gain traction in the legal world. There are several competitors and it’s important to dig deeper while putting together an all-encompassing campaign.

Use the tips mentioned here to generate targeted leads while building a relatable brand.

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